Marc Pally is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. His artwork is in the permanent collections of MOCA, LACMA, Hammer Museum, Orange County Museum of Art, San Jose Museum of Art, UC Santa Barbara Art Museum, Oakland Museum of California, Escalette Collection at Chapman University, Weisman Museum at Pepperdine University, Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art, the Portland Museum of Art (Maine), and Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  He has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions and has been included in many group shows, with representation for two decades at Rosamund Felsen Gallery as well as Ulrike Kantor Gallery, both in Los Angeles. Pally taught painting and modernist theory at Art Center College of Design after receiving an MFA at Cal Arts. He has also been an active advocate for artists serving as the Director of LACE and working in the public art field as a curator and consultant.  His curatorial work in public art can be viewed at artinthepublicrealm.com

Artist Statement

In my current body of work, viewers see images floating in cloudy fields.  Forms are rendered in graphite, the most basic medium for drawing, and move through layered fields of paint that play upon that medium’s capacity for transparency and opacity.  Drawing is traditionally considered a foundation for painting, a preparation for the main act.  My work inverts that order, leaving the fugitive material to reside in the plane closest and most visible to the viewer.
The value of conceptualizing one’s practice is intrinsic to the creation and reception of much art.  My Cal Arts education (working extensively with Michael Asher and Doug Huebler) brought me to the fountainhead of conceptualism.  Since those days in graduate school my practice has evolved to embrace sensory and intellectual modalities as conjoined twins in the dance of meaning, experience, and pleasure.  I go through periods of avoiding verbal forays into my work and then emerge eager to explore my thinking in ways that will hopefully bring refreshed and new insights.  
My work is motivated by creating intrigue in its visuals and is a vehicle for me to dive into an ever-unfolding and dynamically morphing sea of mists, alphabetic, architectural, galactic and doodlescape references, and the possibilities or suggestions of highly multivalent form and content.

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